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WE ARE ON THE CASE ! Makkipak was established in 1999 by Keith Rands-Allen and has quickly established itself as a leading local manufacturer of cardboard boxes, bubble bags and supplier of packaging materials to industry in and around Northamptonshire.
Polythene Products
  • Bags
  • Grip seal bags
  • Self seal mailers
  • Layflat tubing
  • Centrefold film
  • Shrink film
  • Pallet hoods
  • Shrink guns and equipment
  • Carrier bags
Foam Cushioning
FoamProtection of your fragile items while in transit is our speciality. Don't forget we have over 30 years of experience in our field - we know what works and what doesn't.
strappingA wide range of strapping available from multicoloured durable plastic composites to steel banding for heavy jobs.
Paper Products
paper products
  • Corrugated rolls and sheets
  • Kraft wrapping rolls and sheets
  • Tissue paper - acid free and coloured
  • Sacks and bags
  • Kraft union waterproof paper
  • VCI corrosion inhibitors
Pallet Wrap
  • ImageHand wrap rolls in all sizes and gauges
  • Black security pallet wrap
  • Machine rolls, standard and power pre-stretch
Packaging For Post
jiffy bags
  • Jiffy bags
  •  Book packs
  •  Foam lined boxes
  •  Postal tubes
  •  Polythene mailers
  •  Paper sacks
  •  Self seal corrugated rolls and sheets
  •  Bottle packs
Bubble Products
Bubble Wrap
  • Rolls, slit and perforated
  • Sheets
  • Bubble bags: Click below for sizes...
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