Cardboard Chips

Cardboard Loose Fill

Makkipak now supplies an eco friendly cardboard loose fill. A mixed 6kg box of 8mm wide corrugated chips in various lengths. Ideal for protecting medium weight products when good presentation isn’t an issue but an eco friendly image is ! Not dust extracted so unsuitable as bedding for pets. An alternative to polystyrene loose fill…

Postal Box 715 x 305 x 50mm

Christmas Wrapping Paper Box

Customer required a large postal box for posting Christmas wrapping paper. We designed and sampled a 0427 style single wall corrugated box to securely hold multiple rolls. The box with a flip top lid is easy to assemble and provides great protection. Finger lift holes also added to enable the customer to open the box…

Giant 0300 Style Box And Lid

Large Box And Lid

Large box and lid for protecting car roof boxes. Made from heavy duty 300K/300T BC corrugated board Customer requires a box to protect car roof box for shipping abroad. Internal size of 2100 x 1000 x 485 mm Will ensure roof boxes are fully protected. Made and assembled at our factory in Earls Barton.

Foam Packaging

Makkipak designs and supplies a variety of foam packaging. Polyurethane and polyethylene foams are the most widely used packaging material. Flexible and excellent at absorbing shock. We supply chipfoam which is made from recycled polyethylene foam. Made to measure foam buffers, sheets and inserts also available. We will also make the outer corrugated box to…

Double wall box holding vinyl records

Vinyl Record Boxes

Makkipak offers a range of vinyl record boxes and packaging to protect your precious vinyl records. We supply large boxes to hold up to 50 LP vinyl records, smaller boxes to hold 7 inch vinyl records, corrugated wraps, bubble bags, stiffeners and so much more. We also offer a bespoke service too so if you…