Welcome to Makkipak

We react when others dither, we deliver when others delay. Our success is built on being prepared.

Makkipak is a family owned business situated in the heart of Northamptonshire. Established in 1999 by Keith Rands-Allen the business quickly excelled in providing local businesses with bespoke corrugated boxes. In 2010 Makkipak purchased a new machine capable of manufacturing bespoke bubble bags. This part of the business quickly grew helping Makkipak to become an efficient and successful bespoke packaging manufacturer. With the acquisition of a second box making machine and die cutter we have all bases covered to provide the best possible solution to your packaging issues  We have always ensured we offer competitive prices for the other products too such as tapes, bubble wrap, polythene bags, stretch wrap and loosefill so that Makkipak is your one stop shop for packaging.


Why the viking ? 

Mak the viking is our logo because of our family connection to Sweden which has become a second home. The way Sweden connects with the environment is something we try to instil in our business model. Swedes keep life simple, packaging is cheaper and environmentally friendlier when its kept simple. No need to complicate a product when it will inevitably be recycled. Sustainability presumes all resources are finite and therefore should be used conservatively. Choosing packaging that doesn’t create excessive waste can be a step towards sustainability. Removing plastic packaging completely may not be the answer as full dependence on cardboard creates huge pressure on our forests. A reduction in waste and choosing a packaging solution that can easily be recycled or used again can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and put less pressure on our precious ecosystems.


There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.

A popular Swedish saying which we strongly believe in, it’s all about adapting to the environment and getting on with it.


For advice on your packaging dilemmas, please call a member of our experienced and friendly sales team on 01604 812755.


  • x 2 HiPak Autobox Corrugated Box Making Machines

    • Capable of making short runs of made to measure standard fefco style boxes.
    • Short set up time, great for panic orders !

  • x 1 Platen Press (1200 mm x 900mm)

    • For small die cuts in multiple fefco styles

  • x 2 Board Cutters

    Able to cut large sheets of corrugated board for layer pads, die cutting or slotting on our boxmakers.

  • x 1 Roller Press ( 2 m x 3 m)

    Capable of running large die cut corrugated boxes.

  • x 1 Semi Automatic Gluer

    For gluing standard style and die cut corrugated boxes where there is one glue flap.

  • x 2 Bubble Bag Making Machines

    Capable of making stock and made to measure bubble bags with or without a self seal strip.

  • x 1 Automatic Bubble Wrap Winder

    Cuts and winds bubble wrap ready for production on the bubble bag machine. Ideal for made to measure jobs.