Bio Small Bubble Wrap


Our oxo-biodegradable (designed to degrade with oxidation) bubble wrap rolls can be regarded as the greener alternative to standard bubble wrap. The oxo-biodegradable characteristics allows the bubble wrap to break down in natural conditions. It is 100% recyclable and if it does end up in landfill it will break down much quicker than standard polythene waste. Not a perfect solution but can be regarded as a step in the right direction. It is still very important that this material is recycled responsibly, despite this material being able to break down quicker it still should not enter landfill or river systems ! This is not a compostable product.

10mm diameter bubbles.

Made with 30% recycled material

Larger widths are available for collection or local delivery only.

100 metres per roll


Biodegradable bubble wrap is made from a formulation containing a mixture of a non hazardous metal ion pro-oxidant system and a biodegradation initiator. Basically, this bubble wrap will enable microbial colonies to break it down over time. Don’t worry, this doesn’t happen straight away ! You wont open your box and find a pile of green mush! The process of degradation is accelerated in higher temperatures and high UV levels which can take up to two years to begin. This material is the same used in retail carrier bags and is now found in a broad range of polyethylene based products. It is very clever stuff and helps prevent our landfill sites being filled with polythene products that will take thousands of years to degrade!.

This product must still be recycled responsibly


Additional information

Roll Width (mm)

300, 500, 600, 750