Non Self Seal Biodegradable Bubble Bags – All Sizes


  • The real difference with these bags is that they will degrade in landfill at a significantly quicker rate than conventional bubble bags as they promote the growth of microbial colonies.
  • The polyethylene used in these bags is much easier to break down than commercial grades which have polymers with a higher molecular weight and, therefore, very resistant to direct microbial attack.
  • The oxo-biodegradable bubble used in these bags is not a perfect solution but certainly a step in the right direction in reducing waste for future generations.
  • Waste material is only truly ‘eco friendly’ when it is recycled responsibly.
  • Made with 30% recycled content.
  • Still made from high quality 70mu bubble wrap.
  • Approx 30mm non self seal lip.

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These bags will only break down fully when there is warmth, moisture and bacterial colonies i.e. conditions found in landfill. The fungi and bacteria can then break the material down, producing water, biomass and carbon dioxide.

Please note that these bags are not certified as compostable according to EU standard EN13432.

The real clever thing about these bags is that the oxo-biodegradable properties does not effect the strength of the bag.

When a green image is important to your business then these bags are certainly a step in the right direction.

They have a slight green tinge to them and still have the same quality and strength as our premium bubble bags .

Machine tolerance of +/-  5%

At the moment the self seal strip and adhesive are not biodegradable but we are working on it ! A biodegradable self seal strip is being developed and we are hoping this will be introduced in the next few months.

Not a perfect solution but regarded as a step in the right direction in controlling plastic waste.

The technical stuff…

Biodegradable bubble bags are made from a formulation containing a mixture of a non hazardous metal ion pro-oxidant system and a biodegradation initiator. Basically, these bubble bags will promote the growth of microbial colonies to break them down over time. Don’t worry, this doesn’t happen straight away ! You wont open your box of bubble bags and find a pile of green mush ! The process takes 9-12 months and is dependant on temperature and where they are stored. The process of degradation is accelerated in higher temperatures and high UV levels. This material is the same used in retail carrier bags and is now found in a broad range of polyethylene based products. It is very clever stuff and helps prevent our landfill sites being filled with polythene products that will take thousands of years to degrade !

All biodegradable bubble bags are made from our premium strength bubble wrap. We also offer a bespoke service in these grades .

Please email or call our office for a free sample service .


The green bubble bag that will not cost the earth.

This product must still be recycled responsibly.


TypeFilm Thickness (mu)Bubble + Film Thickness (mm)ColourMinimum Width (mm)Maximum Width (mm)Minimum Height (mm)Maximum Height (mm)Usage
Standard Premium703Clear 5575055730High protection for a range of goods in transit
Biodegradable Premium703Green Tint5575055730High protection and eco friendly
Anti-Static Premium703Pink Tint5575055730High protection of electrical components
Double Laminated Premium705Clear 5575055730Superior protection for heavy duty or particularly fragile items

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Size (mm)

65 x 65 (2000/Box), 70 x 90 (1000/Box), 70 x 135 (1000/Box), 100 x 100 (1000/Box), 100 x 135 (1000/Box), 130 x 185 (750/Box), 150 x 200 (650/Box), 150 x 150 (750/Box), 150 x 285 (500/Box), 180 x 235 (500/Box), 200 x 200 (500/Box), 200 x 435 (200/Box), 230 x 285 (300/Box), 280 x 360 (200/Box), 150 x 360 – Wine Bottle (300/Box), 305 x 435 (150/Box), 380 x 435 (150/Box), 460 x 600 (90/Box), 750 x 750 (75/Box)

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