Eco Paper Tape (Pack Of 6)


The perfect adhesive tape for your green image. Creates a neat and secure seal on brown boxes.

Low noise, no squeak !

Superior environmental credentials when compared to vinyl and pp tapes.


Available in 48mm and 75mm widths

Excellent adhesion to cardboard.

Will work with standard 50mm hand held tape dispenser.

Can be printed up to 3 colours. Please call 01604 812755 for further details.

6 Rolls Per Pack

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When it comes to sealing boxes we believe this is by far the best tape. It may appear to be more expensive than acrylic tapes but don’t be fooled into thinking that the cheap tapes are saving you money. That’s not always the case. How many strips of tape do you use when sealing a box ? With the Eco Paper Tape we are confident you will use far less, that’s better for the environment and better for your packaging costs. It also provides a very neat finish. Conventional tapes can leave your package looking messy. The paper used for Eco Tape is similar to the outer liner used for boxes, a great match. Can be recycled* and an excellent green packaging companion to our cardboard boxes. Can be used with conventional tape dispensers, and not too noisy either !  Click here for a free sample.

*As long as tape coverage is not more than 20% of the box. If there is too much adhesive then it will make recycling difficult but we are confident that you will use less Eco Tape on our boxes due to its excellent adhesive qualities therefore in most cases coverage should be below the 20% threshold. A useful green tip !


Stuck on which tape to use ?

Tape Type EconomyEconomy Low NoiseSolvent Low NoiseVinyl PremiumCrossweave Eco Reinforced Eco Paper E Tape  
Length (metres)66666666502550150
Core Diameter (mm) 7676767676767625
Temp Range +15 to 65 °C+15 to 65 °C-20 to +50 °C-25 to +50°C -25 to 50°C +15 to 50°C +15 to 50°C -20 to +50°C
Adhesive water based acrylic water based acrylic solvent natural rubberwater based acrylic water based acrylic hot meltsolvent
Low Noise NoYes Yes Yes NoYes Yes No
Easy TearNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNo
Green Rating Out Of 10. 55464798
Dispenser TypeStandard 50mmStandard 50mmStandard 50mmStandard 50mm or 75mmNone None Standard 50mmE Tape Special




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