Reinforced Paper Tape (Pack Of 6)


  • Self adhesive brown eco tape with cross weave glass fibre reinforcement.
  • An environmentally friendlier alternative to clear crossweave tape.
  • Biaxially orientated weave for superior strength.
  • Suitable for use with our 50mm hand held tape dispenser.
  • 50mm width x 25 metre length

6 rolls per pack


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Our reinforced paper tape is the eco friendly version of crossweave tape. Same strength but better for the environment. Excellent adhesion to corrugated boxes and provides a very neat finish. Conventional tapes can leave the finished box looking messy. Reinforced paper tape is ideal for sealing boxes containing heavy loads. Click here for a free sample. 


Construction : 125 gsm Kraft paper with crossweave glass fibre reinforcement .

Adhesive: Highly cohesive, aggressive hot melt of synthetic rubber and hydrocarbons

Total Thickness : 0.24mm

Peel adhesion to steel: >15N/cm

Tensile Strength: 115N/cm

Elongation at break: 6 %


Stuck on which tape to use ?

Tape Type Low NoiseVinyl PremiumCrossweave Eco Reinforced Eco Paper
Length (metres)6666502550
Core Diameter (mm) 7676767676
Temp Range +15 to 65 °C-25 to +50°C -25 to 50°C +15 to 50°C +15 to 50°C
Adhesive water based acrylic natural rubberwater based acrylic water based acrylic hot melt
Low Noise Yes Yes NoYes Yes
Easy TearNoNoNoNoYes
Green Rating Out Of 10. 56478
Dispenser TypeStandard 50mmStandard 50mm or 75mmNone Standard 50 mm Standard 50mm

High quality eco friendly product