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Makkipak supplies a range of general purpose tapes. Cheap and cheerful and ideal for sealing corrugated boxes. Low noise tape is ideal for confined packing areas where the constant noise of tape can be an irritation. It still has the aggressive acrylic adhesive but with the added advantage of being low noise. Sold in packs of six. Don’t forget the Makkipak pistol grip tape dispenser!

Sold in packs of 6

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Our economy tape is a low cost solution to sealing lightweight boxes in warm environments.

Suitable only in environments of temperature +15°C or more.

Solvent and PVC tape is available for lower temperatures.

Low noise tapes provide the solution to the annoying squeak from general purpose tapes.

If you are ‘stuck’ on which tape to choose, please call a member of our sales team on 01604 812755 and we will happily point you in the right direction.

Stuck on which tape to use ?

Tape Type EconomyEconomy Low NoiseSolvent Low NoiseVinyl PremiumCrossweave Eco Reinforced Eco Paper E Tape  
Length (metres)66666666502550150
Core Diameter (mm) 7676767676767625
Temp Range +15 to 65 °C+15 to 65 °C-20 to +50 °C-25 to +50°C -25 to 50°C +15 to 50°C +15 to 50°C -20 to +50°C
Adhesive water based acrylic water based acrylic solvent natural rubberwater based acrylic water based acrylic hot meltsolvent
Low Noise NoYes Yes Yes NoYes Yes No
Easy TearNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNo
Green Rating Out Of 10. 55464798
Dispenser TypeStandard 50mmStandard 50mmStandard 50mmStandard 50mm or 75mmNone None Standard 50mmE Tape Special



Useful Hint: Economy tapes may look to be the cheapest option but if you are sealing medium to heavy weight boxes you will end up using alot and this will add to the overall packaging cost.

The more expensive tapes such as the Eco Brown Paper Tape and Vinyl Tape will need far less strips to securely seal the box. The cheaper acrylic tapes do not perform well in heat and cold so bare this mind when choosing your tape.

Additional information

Tape Type

Clear Economy 24 mm x 66 m (Pack of 6), Brown Low Noise Tape 48mm x 66m (Pack of 6), Clear Low Noise Tape 48mm x 66m (Pack of 6)