E-Tape 48mm x 150m (Box of 36 Rolls)


  • 48 mm width x 150 metres
  • 50mm core allowing a longer tape length than conventional tapes
  • High quality solvent adhesive tape available in clear or brown
  • Reduces roll change
  • Reduces impact on environment
  • Increases productivity
  • Can only be used with E Tape Dispenser.

Sold in boxes of 36

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What is e-tape? 

  • Conventional tapes have a core diameter of 75mm and a tape length of 66 metres. E-tapes are different, they have a core diameter of 50mm and a tape length of 150 metres.
  • Will need E Tape dispenser
  • Reduces the need to continually change rolls therefore increasing productivity at busy packing stations.
  • E-tape saves valuable storage space.
  • As there is more tape per roll there is less wastage of the cardboard cores.
  • E tape dispensers are of superior quality compared to standard parcel tape dispensers.


Stuck on which tape to use ?

Tape Type Low NoiseVinyl PremiumCrossweave Eco Reinforced Eco Paper E Tape
Length (metres)6666502550150
Core Diameter (mm) 767676767650
Temp Range +15 to 65 °C-25 to +50°C -25 to 50°C +15 to 50°C +15 to 50°C +15 to 50°C
Adhesive water based acrylic natural rubberwater based acrylic water based acrylic hot meltsolvent
Low Noise Yes Yes NoYes Yes Yes
Easy TearNoNoNoNoYesNo
Green Rating Out Of 10. 564786
Dispenser TypeStandard 50mm widthStandard 50mm or 75mmNone Standard 50 mm width Standard 50mm widthE Tape Silent

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