Vinyl Record Bubble Bag


  • Perfect protection for LP/EP Vinyl Records
  • Size 325 x 325 + 30mm Lip
  • Self Seal Lip
  • Premium grade bubble wrap

Sold in boxes of 150

Quantity discounts
1-2 3-9 10-19 20-49 50+
£30.00 £28.50 £27.00 £25.50 £24.00


It is obviously of great importance that vinyl records are packaged correctly or you’ll face the consequence of an angry customer as their rare LP of Pink Floyd arrives in pieces.

You can stick all the fragile labels you like on a box, but lets face it, if its big enough to throw around the postal sorting office then you can bet that is exactly what will happen. The only difference a fragile label may make is it may just be thrown underarm.

So Makkipak has produced a range of packaging which we believe will help ensure your vinyl record survives the rigors of the postal system.

Our vinyl LP bubble bags will certainly provide excellent protection and if it’s a valuable LP your customer will certainly appreciate the additional care taken. You can then sandwich this between two of our corrugated stiffeners. Notice the little hole which makes it look like a record sleeve, nice touch don’t you think ?). You could just tape this up and send but we recommend sending this in our vinyl record wrap for additional protection.

There are also boxes for larger volumes of vinyl LP. The bubble bags and stiffeners can of course be used with these to provide additional protection.

If you need any further information or samples of any of these products please do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales team on 01604 812755, they will be happy to help.