Layflat Tubing – Medium 250 Gauge


  • Medium duty, 250 gauge polythene layflat tubing,
  • For sleeving lengthy items or for making your own custom-sized bags in conjunction with one of our heat sealers and and unrolling device.
  • Contains at least 30% recycled content

Price Per Roll

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What is layflat tubing ? 

Layflat tubing is basically one continuous bag on a roll with no bottom.

Available in a variety of widths.


What is it used for ? 

It is ideal for making bespoke polythene bags. If you have a variety of goods to protect of different sizes and holding stock of multiple

sizes of polythene bags is an issue then layflat tubing is the answer.

Layflat tubing is dustproof and waterproof as well as very flexible.

Great for storing delicate items.


How do I cut and seal the ends ? 

The ends are sealed with our heat sealers which come in a variety of widths. Simply choose the heat sealer that is a bit wider than the width of your layflat.

Sealers are also available with a cutter so make sure you select this if you want to cut and seal.

Alternatively the layflat can easily be cut with scissors or a safety knife.


How do I stabilize the roll as I unravel it  ? 

Easy, purchase our layflat unrolling device!


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