Heat Sealer (Economy)


  • Ideal for low volume bag sealing.
  • Available in 4 sizes with or without cutter
  • Manufactured to European CE standards.
  • Don’t forget the unroller accessory for sealing layflat tubing
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What is the heat sealer used for ? 

These heat sealers are specifically designed for sealing polythene layflat rolls or bags.

Can be used to seal polythene, polypropylene and PVC (not suitable for foil cellophane).

Ideal for making custom sized polythene bags.

Available in different widths, simply choose the width that is slightly larger than the width of bag or roll that you are sealing.

Both economy and industrial sealers will seal up to 2 x 1000 gauge (250 mu)

Maximum sealing temperature for both models is 215°

Sealing depth for both models is 2mm.


What is the cutter for ? 

You can choose whether you want the sealer to have an integrated cutter of not.


Whats the difference between the economy and industrial version ?

The industrial version is more robust, more suitable for busy packing areas.


Do you supply maintenance kits aswell ?

Yes, we supply kits that contains cutter, element, lower PTFE and 2 upper PTFE strips.

Please make sure you select the correct kit for your sealer as the industrial and economy kits are different.


Additional information

Size (Width)

200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm

With Cutter ?

Yes, No

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