Extended Cores Clear Pallet Wrap (6 rolls per box)


  • Stretch wrap with extended cores for gripping during application
  • High clarity cast, protects against moisture, gases and aromas.
  • High tear and puncture resistance.
  • Low noise when unwinding
  • Available in two grades, 20 micron and 34 micron (see below for explanation on micron)
  • The 34 micron is our strongest grade and ideal for heavy, bulky loads.
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Our stretch wrap is ideal for stabilising boxes or goods to pallets. it is tear resistant and strong and will ensure your goods make it through the courier network (as long as it’s used correctly ! See useful hint below).Available with extended cores which allows you to grip the roll during application. There are stretch wrap dispensers available for the non extended cores. Black stretch wrap is also available when you do not want your goods to be seen in transit.

What is cast stretch wrap ? 

Cast stretch wrap is manufactured using a cast extrusion process, a thermoplastic material is melted and extruded and then cooled. Due to the quick cooling process cast stretch wrap offers a high level of gloss.

What does ‘micron’ mean ? 

The micron (mu) refers to the thickness of the stretch wrap. The word micron originates from the greek word ‘mikros’, meaning small. It is a unit of length equal to one millionth of a metre (or one thousandth of a millimeter). The larger the micron the thicker the stretch wrap. Our thickest and strongest stretch wrap is 34 mu, which is noticeably thicker than our standard 17mu.


Useful Hint: When applying the stretch wrap, pull the film as tight as you can then wrap the cartons or products under full tension. You will use far less stretch wrap and provide a tighter, stronger seal.

it is critical that the stretch wrap is wound around the base of the pallet, goods often topple in transit because they are not connected to the base ! 

Sometimes stretch wrap is not enough, you can also use our plastic strapping to ensure your goods survive the rigors of the courier network.