Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping


  • Ideal for securing very heavy loads to pallets.
  • The strongest available type of strapping.
  • More resistant to high temperatures and UV
  • Ribbon wound
  • Ideal when you have protruding sharp edges.
  • Available in widths 13,16 and 19mm
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Ribbon wound steel strapping is for securing very heavy loads or items with sharp edges.

Requires steel strapping crimper, tensioner and steel seals.

Superior strength to plastic strapping.

The preferred choice for the construction and building industry.

Black standard finish for rust resistance

Sheared and dressed edges for safer handling.

Ribbon wound making storage easier.


WidthBreaking StrainMetres Per CoilSeal Type
13 mm 600kgs 320Steel 13 mm
16 mm750kgs 320 Steel 16 mm
19 mm900kgs 320Steel 19 mm

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13mm x 320 metres, 16mm x 320 metres, 19mm x 320 metres