Cardboard Loose Fill


Mixed length, 8mm wide corrugated chips.

Length can vary from approx 80 mm to 400 mm.

Excellent eco friendly filler for fragile components when presentation isn’t an issue.

Great alternative to polystyrene and bubble wrap.

NOT dust extracted so unsuitable as bedding for pets.

Sold in boxes 590 x 490 x 490 mm (6 kgs weight)


£10 Per 6kg Box


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Corrugated loose fill is a great eco friendly packaging filler.

Comprises of mixed lengths of corrugated strips.

Suitable for protecting a variety of products in transit.

Cardboard chips are a mixture of lengths and various board grades.

8mm width, length varies from 80mm to 400 mm

Ideal when presentation isn’t really an issue but an eco friendly image is !

Delivered in boxes 590 x 490 x 490 mm

Each box weighs 6kg.

Not dust extracted so unsuitable for pets.

Eco friendly alternative to bubble wrap and polystyrene chips.

Made from 80-90 % recycled corrugated board.

Seal your box with our eco friendly tape for a truly green package.


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 590 × 490 × 490 cm