Die Cut Case Styles
0210Commonly called an Aeroplane Tuck Carton, where the flaps tuck in on the same side of the carton. Can be made in either corrugated or solid board and printed in up to 6 colours. Normally supplied with a glued join.
0211Commonly called an Opposite Tuck Carton, because the flaps tuck in on opposite sides. Normally supplied glued. Can be manufactured in corrugated or solid board and printed in up to 6 colours.
0215This style has a tuck-in top and an envelope-tuck base. The base locks together without glueing or taping.  Other variations of top flap arrangements are available.
0217This style normally has an envelope-tuck base and the lid forms into a useful carry handle.  Sometimes used as a pet carrier.
0321A telescopic box and lid with envelope tuck ends for ease of assembly.
0330A Telescopic Box and Lid with self-locking end panels. This is a very economical style as no glueing is required by the manufacturer.
This style is very useful for packing books etc. The ends are recessed to form buffers which give added protection. Can be supplied with a self-adhesive closure, subject to quantity.  No illustration available.
0401A simple cruciform pack for books and printed matter. On this style the outer flaps meet and there is a gap between the inner flaps, but other variants are available e.g all flaps meet, or outer flaps overlap etc.
0403Another variant of the cruciform pack, this time with a rolled buffer on the ends for maximum protection. Another variant of this is Style 0400 (not illustrated) which uses less board.
0421Self-locking side panels and a tuck-in top make this a popular style for shoes etc. A locking tab can be added if required.
0422A die-cut Tray, with self locking end flaps. Also available with the self locking flaps on the long edge (Style 0423) .  Both these styles can be used as a Pallet Tray.
0425This style makes a very rigid pallet tray having a double thickness of board all around the perimeter and 3  thicknesses in the corners. We have a number of standard cutting formes to fit a 1200 x 1000mm pallet
0426Sometimes know as a Fashion Box this style is ideal for garment packaging.  The front panel folds over to assemble the box and the internal-fitting flaps on the lid give good supplort and prevent crushing.
0427A very popular style, this style is ideal for mail order use. The design locks together at the sides and the tuck in flaps on the front provide a secure closure with minimal taping. A locking tab can be added if required.
0473Sometimes called a Toleman Wrap this is an ingenious design for packing books. The single piece of board twists through 90 degrees to form a three-dimensional wrap. Additional creases can be added to give a multi-depth pack. Closure is by a locking tab as illustrated or by taping. A self-seal closure can also be incorporated, subject to quantity.
0713This style has a glued crash-lock bottom  with a tuck-in top. A glued crash-lock bottom is self-locking when the case is squared up for packing and is therefore very convenient to use. A range of top flap arrangements are available.
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