Conventional Case Styles
0200Similar to 0201, but flaps at 1 end only. Can be supplied with a glued or stitched join. When inverted it can be used as a 'tea-cosy' style case over a pallet.

0201A conventional regular slotted case. The outer flaps meet, and there will be a gap between the inner flaps if the case is rectangular. If the case is square the inner flap will also meet. Can be supplied with a glued or stitched join.

0203The outer flaps on both ends fully overlap. This style is useful when the breadth dimension is small.  Can be supplied with a glued or stitched join.
0300Box and Lid with the glue/stitch flaps on the same side. The lid can be full depth or less, as specified. Normally supplied flat for self-assembly but can be supplied assembled if required.
0301Box and Lid with the stitch/glue flaps on opposite sides. Makes a more compact case than 0300 but there may be size limitations. Normally supplied flat, but can be supplied assembled if required.
0320Telescopic box and lid for use where the length and breadth are constant but where the height varies.  See style 0321 in the die-cut section for a die cut alternative.
0409Commonly called a 5-panel wrap. This style lends itself  to packing large flat items, such as panels, printed boards etc. On this style the side panels overlap, but the minimum height we can manufacture without die-cutting is 80mm. See also style 0411.
0411Commonly called a 5-Panel Wrap and useful for packing large flat items such as wooden panels or printed boards etc. . On this style the join is down the centre of the case so there is no minimum height.
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